New England Clam Chowder

$9/pint  |  $17/quart  |  $60/gallon
Gluten-free, cooked with bacon

Fish Chowder

$9/pint  |  $17/quart
Gluten-free, no additional meat

Stuffed Quahogs

Three Varieties:

Spicy Chorizo, Mild Italian Sausage or Gluten-free/Plant-based Sausage

Bisque Base

$7/pint | $12/quart
Gluten-free, use as a sauce or add seafood!

Crab Cake

2 for $10

3oz cake, real lump crab, made in-house

Mini Round French Loaf

Fresh baked, great for a bread bowl.

Clam Chowder Base

Gluten-free, add your own dairy or alternative. Makes about 2½ quarts of chowder.

Freezer Base

$15/heavy pint
Frozen clam chowder base, gluten-free, NO POTATOES.
This product is good for long-term storage.  Potatoes break down when frozen and are easy to add when reheating chowder.